Top 10 Cultural Tips When Doing Business in China
It's not what you know, but rather who you know. Creating connections is probably one of the most important rules that you must remember when doing business in China.

In most Chinese business practices, unspoken rules and subtle actions set the pace towards the success or failure of a deal. People in the west may find some logic behind Chinese business practices incomprehensible. However, with enough patience and understanding, you can learn, practice, and put to action these practices to help you meet your objectives when dealing with Chinese business people.

The following handbook includes a collection of insights that you can use for reference when you're planning to close a deal with Chinese investors, strategically team up with Chinese partners, and land other winning points. You can achieve all these by understanding the Chinese culture and identifying pain points that you can correct as a decision maker.

The guidelines don't only apply for tech startups, but also for any business type, regardless of their size and industry as long as they work in China, with and for Chinese entities.

Learn about
Delicate Manners
Cultural Insights
Unspoken Rules
and More
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